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About Me

Hi, my name is Patricia Carneiro, I’m a proud Portuguese, Amsterdam based personal stylist and
fashion lover. My background has always been linked to the textile industry, from growing up among women who sewed their clothes without any training, to working in the field, for 26 years, as textile quality controller involved in the production, development, and clothing-making process. In addition, I´ve learned upcycling, which promotes the creative reuse of the items and clothing
modification, when it is possible to do so.
 Recently decided to further my knowledge by taking a course at Blossom Image Consulting school in Lisbon, in Image Consulting (levels 1 and 2), Visual Language, Personal Colors, Visual Language Menswear and Perfumery.
I’m passionate in helping people achieve their best self, because I believe body image can be the perfect ally in the process of a more confident and joyful self. I work globally. Getting to know different people and cultures is what drives me. Let´s do this?


You will be contacted as soon as possible to start the process of finding yourself…



Thank you very much

With Gratitude

Patrícia Carneiro

Let´s start?
Let´s start?